First United Methodist Church | Columbia, LA

The green church welcomes you. For over 100 years the green church has been welcoming people to worship in Caldwell Parish. We hope that you will join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.


First United Methodist Church in Columbia, Louisiana was established in 1838 to bring the gospel to Caldwell Parish. It is known by many in the area as the “green church”. Once you have seen it you understand why. The church patterned after Norwegian stave churches found in Europe is painted dark green.

Many people find the green church to be an oddity in Caldwell Parish, and often want to know what we believe. The Methodist people at the green church believe in three essential things:

We are followers of Jesus. It is through Christ that we have the blessing of an abundant life. We try our best to be disciples(students) of Jesus. Following Jesus is a continuous journey of worshiping, growing, and serving.

We believe in forgiveness. We all make mistakes. Big ones. Little ones. Everyone at this church has made mistakes in their life. We believe that grace is bigger than our mistakes. We receive grace and we offer grace.

We are sacramental. Sacraments are acts of worship that are an outward and visible sign of an inward spiritual grace. We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. The way in which we express that we are followers of Jesus is through our Baptism. The way in which we celebrate God’s grace and forgiveness is through Holy Communion.


Worship at First United Methodist Church is Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.

What is worship like?

Casual. Come as you are. People who attend our worship come in everything from work jeans to dresses. There is no preset dress code. We have people who ride motorcycles and people who drive trucks.

Family Friendly. You will find lots of babies, kids, youth, young adults, middle age adults, and older adults. We have people in all age ranges. Our service is very family friendly. We also provide a nursery for the little ones if necessary.

Traditional. We sing hymns that you might already know. Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Standing on the Promises, and others. We remember our faith be proclaiming the Apostle’s Creed. We share our prayer concerns with one another.

Relevant. Each week the message is relevant to your life today. We read scripture and talk about what it means for us. The word is always alive and important to us today.

Holy. We celebrate Holy Communion every week. It is a reminder of God’s grace in our lives. We take communion by a process called intinction. You break off a piece of the bread and dip it into the cup.


How can I grow as a follower of Jesus? At the green church we offer many different opportunities for spiritual growth.

Sunday Morning Sunday School. Every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM we have Sunday School classes available for young ones to older ones. You will find a wide variety of classes from topical studies to verse by verse Bible studies.

Wednesday Night Growth+. Our Wednesday nights are tailored to help you grow as a person. We believe that Jesus calls us to be fully formed followers. So on Wednesday nights we study topics like Spiritual Disciplines, Prayer, Leadership, and Raising Christian Families.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast. The third Sunday of the month our men gather for a time of fellowship and formation. We eat breakfast at 8:30 AM, have a brief devotional time, and pray together for each other.

United Methodist Women. First United Methodist Church has two women’s groups: The Wesleyans and



As one of the fist churches in Caldwell Parish we have been serving this community for over 100 years! Our calling is to reach out to our neighbors both local and long distance and that is why we engage in a variety of missions.

Giving Spirit Food Pantry. Our food pantry feeds 50 families every month right here in Caldwell Parish. It is a client’s choice food pantry which means the client gets to pick out the food that is right for them. All the food is provided through generous support and donations from our members, a partnership with Hebert United Methodist Church, and our annual Pumpkin Patch.

Second Sunday Soup. The second Sunday of the month is Soup Sunday. We have volunteers that prepare a delicious and nutritious soup for our shut ins.

After School Tutoring. Every Wednesday night during the school year we offer an opportunity to help our students in Caldwell Parish Schools. We have adults and high school students available to help with homework and learning.

Wednesdays at the Cross. Our children and youth work on mission projects in the area one Wednesday a month. If you know of someone in need of yard work, light repairs, or just a special visit let us know!

Weekend of the Cross. Every summer our youth go to the Weekend of the Cross in Ruston, Louisiana to work on houses, worship with others, and study the word. The impact to the community is measurable, but the impact to these young people’s lives is incredible.

If you would like to support our church in its efforts in Caldwell Parish and beyond please donate below. Your donations to First United Methodist Church are tax deductable.